Specialty Gas Distribution Equipment for El Paso

Specialty gases really aren’t any more workable than the apparatus used to propagate them. The purity and precision these gases deliver stand a good chance of being diluted without sufficient pressure and flow control and lacking the provisions to check gas usage.

Although the standard is that compressed gases, by virtue of their general properties, should be delivered in high-pressure gas cylinders, regulating that pressure in conventional use is routinely relegated to an afterthought. One can’t deny the important differences between cylinder regulators intended for oxy-fuel cutting and welding, the usual purge gas applications, and specialty gas use.

The PurityPlus® gas pressure-reducing regulators and flowmeters we provide at SYOXSA, Inc. offer a high degree of quality in materials, design, and assembly that distinguishes them from conventional industrial gas equipment. Though higher priced, this equipment commonly carries a value that goes well beyond its price. PurityPlus® regulators, to illustrate the point, generally use diaphragms made of stainless steel rather than rubber. Rubber diaphragms tend to pick up moisture and impurities, then off-gas these contaminants as the cylinder supply pressure drops. This can seriously effect carrier gas flow and instrument response.

Just as disconcerting is the issue of crawl. As the pressure in a gas cylinder is brought down, the pressure on the diaphragm is also reduced, and the outlet pressure can go higher. To offset this action and moderate its effects, it is heartily advised that a two-stage PurityPlus® regulator be employed. The manufacturer presets the first-stage pressure reduction, typically around 300-500 psig, leaving the user to  control the ultimate outlet pressure in the second stage. Setting an intermediate pressure reduces the crawl effect by the second stage so  it’s pretty much a done deal until the cylinder pressure comes down below 150-200 psig.

Compare this to an industrial gas single-stage regulator. With the single-stage design, the single diaphragm sees a continuous lowering of supply pressure accompanied by a leisurely but uninterrupted increase in outlet pressure that can fluctuate as much as 10-15 psig.

These are just a couple of examples showing why the right gas also necessitates the right gas equipment. Contact us online or call us, SYOXSA, Inc., at 915-771-7674. We not only have the right gases and the right equipment with the right options for you, but we also have the right answers to any question you might have about specialty gas control.