SYOXSA, Inc. asks, "Where has all of the CO2 gone?"

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a neutral gas that is also graded as a sublimate (can transition from a solid to a gas skipping the liquid phase) here in El Paso and around the world. Currently there is one of largest shortages of carbon dioxide throughout Europe. This is the 4th scarcity of CO2 in 10 years in Europe.

Plants in Europe, across the world and here in El Paso cannot earn a good profit from manufacturing CO2 alone, so usually they produce this gas as a byproduct of other chemicals, typically ammonia fertilizer. One of the first steps in manufacturing ammonia is taking the hydrocarbon molecule like natural gas and dividing the “hydro” from the “carbon.” The hydrogen transforms into ammonia (NH3) and the carbon into carbon dioxide (CO2).

This shortage is due to the ammonia factories that close across Europe throughout the summer season for repairs. Along with the summer maintenance repairs increased temperatures raising the demand for beverages that require CO2, like soft drinks and beer, a shortage is created.

Even though the situation with CO2 is starting to ease as plants come back to working their regular schedules, it will take some time before CO2 levels are restored to where they were before the crisis.

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