Specialty Gases for the El Paso Metal Fabrication Industry

PurityPlus® family members like SYOXSA, Inc. are trusted manufacturers of industrial gases, products, and services that aid in welding, cutting, bending, assembling, and other metal fabrication jobs. El Paso clientele rely on us for a large assortment of industrial, custom-blend, and similar process gases. What’s more, because of the national PurityPlus® network, our El Paso clientele can take full advantage of competitive national pricing – without losing one iota of the highly personalized local service they not only expect but also find indispensible.

Our personnel – experts all – are 100% dedicated to helping you get the most out of your application by delivering the finest gas and gas package for your metal fabrication work. The  PurityPlus® lines we manufacture are consistent and comply with all national standards.

For further details on, contact SYOXSA, Inc. online or call us at 915-771-7674. This is your invitation to discover the difference your independent local El Paso producer can make in your business.