Specialty Gas Resources for El Paso

The entire team here at SYOXSA, Inc. takes personal responsibility for providing local business enterprises with the finest specialty gas service anyone offers anywhere. Seeing that orders are filled in an accurate and timely manner is just as important to us as the standards we we apply in formulating our specialty gases. Of course, we’re just as conscientious about making sure our customers have at their ready disposal all the background material they need to make intelligent decisions about what gases will do the best job in their applications. So we present a wide range of downloadable Safety Data Sheets, plus our unabridged, downloadable Specialty Gases Catalog. Check back occasionally for updates. And if you have questions these resources don’t answer, you can be sure we’ll happily give you whatever additional information we can. All you have to do is get hold of us at 915-771-7674 or contact us online. Our experts are the greatest resources any specialty gas customer could desire!